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Raison d'être
Objectives of AHRIM
Role of AHRIM
Organisation and structure
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AHRIM (Association des Hôteliers et Restaurateurs de l'île Maurice) is a non-profit organization set up in 1973 to represent and promote the interests of hotels and restaurants in Mauritius. As such, the Association has played and is still playing a crucial role in tourism sector. It is also an active stakeholder and partner of Government in tourism-related policy formulation with a common aim of promoting sustainable development of the Mauritian tourism industry.


Today, AHRIM represents 92 hotels (over 80 % of hotels in Mauritius), 22 restaurants, six companies under the Integrated Resorts Scheme and one associate member.  Six affiliate members are also linked to AHRIM.




  • AHRIM rule



Raison d'être

Quality Tourism


  • To be the lead spokesperson of the private tourism sector to liaise with Government, the institutions and the Media on issues and matters pertaining to the tourism industry
  • To represent a dynamic and challenging tourism sector
  • To meet the expectations of members as well as the destination
  • To contribute towards a sustainable, quality tourism



Objectives of AHRIM

  • To promote the interests of its members and tourism industry in general in Mauritius;
  • To present a coherent and concerted opinion of its members on major tourism issues (air access, environment, budget, security, training, norms and standards)
  • To organise meetings and consultations with other private sector organisations;
  • To organise forums to brainstorm and discuss issues whenever they arise;
  • To be the voice of its members in different forums and in the media
  • To initiate and encourage activities which would further the development and interests of the industry and the private sector in general;
  • To liaise with Government and other relevant Authorities on matters pertaining to the industry;
  • To make appropriate recommendations on legal matters governing the sector and on other areas affecting the industry and, if need be, have recourse to professional advice on these issues ;
  • To ensure that all activities are developed in a sustainable way
  • To provide support to its members and prepare action plans to address the specific needs of the sector



Role of AHRIM

  • Representation


AHRIM represents its members on various Boards, committees, sub-committees (regular and ad-hoc)

Permanent representation:


MTPA, Tourism Authority, MEF, JEC, TEWF, HRDC, IVTB, CSO, Sir Gaëtan Duval Hotel School Management Committee, National Pay Council, National Empowerment Foundation,Tourist Village.


Ad hoc representation:


Ad-hoc committee discussing inter alia the following issues: Marketing, Budgetary proposals, Wage determination and Remuneration, fiscal measures, international fairs, hotel taxis, beach hawkers, etc


  • Advocacy

AHRIM lobbies in favour of the recommendations formulated by its members



 General policy regarding tourism, fiscal matters, air access policy, training, recommendations/ proposals on all laws and regulations, proposals made to ensure a better physical environment, to contribute on pertinent issues such as safety and security, stray animals, adhoc issues such aschikungunya, etc.


  • Communication

AHRIM Communication Department through regular communiqués keeps its members informed of the tourism situation in Mauritius as well as share the positions of the Association on different issues.


Internal with members
Quarterly Newsletter, monthly performance of the tourism sector, press cuttings, regular memos, adhoc committees and communiqués, group brainstorming and presentation


Media, proposals/recommendations made in various national reports such as NACO Report, Tourism Development Plan, ‘Les Assises du Tourisme’, various white papers, TORs, policy papers, etc…


  • Information

The Office holds a database of all tourism related activities and also undertakes on a regular basis statistical and economic analysis , surveys and specific reports on the tourism industry, to keep the members well informed and up to date with the new trends and best practices on the day to day tourism management.




Four Commissions have been set up namely, Human Resource, Finance, Environment and Marketing comprising AHRIM members. The main role of these commissions is to advise the Council on issues related to their attributions and on relevant documents (for e.g. white paper, legislation, etc.) and submit constructive proposals to assist and facilitate Council to take appropriate decisions.


Requisites to be a member of AHRIM

  • Offer an acceptable quality service in line with AHRIM standards.
  • Abide to the code of professional conduct and ethics of the Association.
  • Comply with the subscriptions fees in time.



Organisation and structure


AHRIM Council


Members who form part of AHRIM Executive Council are elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Council comprises 15 members, of whom 5 seats are reserved for the Past President, a representatives of Small and Medium Hotels Commission, Restaurants Commission, the Association of Inbound Operators Mauritius (AIOM) and a representative of IRS members.
The Director of JEC is also invited to attend Council Meeting as an observer.
AHRIM Council meets every 4 to 6 weeks depending on progress on different projects and programmes.


The Small and Medium Hotels and Restaurants


The Small and Medium Hotels meet at the level of an independent commission on a ad hoc basis depending on progress on the projects and programme. The President of this Commission , elected by the Small and Medium hotels at the AGM makes project proposals and support the views of its members on the Council. The Restaurants and IRS also meet at the level of an independent Commission and the latter function in the same way as the Commission on Small and Medium hotels.


AHRIM Structure


The organisation structure of AHRIM comprises 6 full-time employees. The day to day running and management of the office is under the direct responsibility and supervision of the Chief Executive Officer who manage a dynamic team consisting of an Economist, a Tourism Business Analyst, a Personal Assistant/Liason Officer, an Accountant and one Messenger/Receptionist.




It is obvious that, in the present context and especially in the wake of major restructuring in the sugar and textile sectors, the tourism sector will face growing pressure and on different fronts, namely political, social, economic as well as environment. A strong, united and representative organisation is, thus, more than essential.

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