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smh/oiseau du paradis

Various incentives packages mainly available under the Stimulus Package have been introduced to assist companies that are facing difficulties following the World Financial Crisis and the present Euro Zone Crisis.

The different incentives are summarised in the following table:


Scheme Supprot Agencies
Turnovers, Rs

contribution of
Mechanism for Transitional Support to the Private Sector (ERCP)
5 - 50 m None 25% Small companies facing cash flow problems since September 2008
LEMS 1 50 m  10 m
Acquisition & modernisation of production equipment inc Kitchen, Restaurant, Catering, Food and Hotel Industry related equipment
LEMS 2 150 m
25 m
LEMS 3  > 150 m
75 m
LEMS 4 (Sale and lease back of existing machinery and equipment) > 5 m
  Guarantee provided by SIC: 30% on loss incurred by leasing companies
Enterprise Development Fund  EM 150 m - +150 m
0.5 m (grant) 25 - 50%
Market Development; Capacity Building; Product Development; Business and Operational Excellence; Access to Innovation & New Technology; Business Development; IT Bases Systems
RWG credit financing Scheme National
Fund and
50 m
  Rs 10 m
Factoring service to enterprises involved in B2B
SME Partnership Fund (SPF)  SME
Fund Ltd
   10 m
All SMEs, priority sectors inc tourism; capital expenditure, start-ups, expansion projects and new lines of business
Quasi-Equity Financing Scheme DBM   500k
SMEs involved in the manufacturing, agri-business, tourism, trade or services sectors and holding an acceptable business plan.
Booster Micro Credit Loan Scheme DBM   150,000 (Repo Rate + 3% p.a)
 0% To finance projects with value addition including small tourism and tourism-related activities
Business Development Scheme
  Rs 5 M (Repo Rate + 3% p.a)
 25% Inc: tourism - setting up, expansion, refurbishment of hotels/restaurants, purchase of contract cars.
Participation in overseas trade fairs and surveys
Purchase or construction of industrial, commercial or office building for own use
Green Lending Scheme
€ 7 M
Grant equivalent to 12% of the loan after implementation
Producing green energy for own and/or sale on the grid, projects to reduce energy consumption. Projects that enable reducing natural resource usage or protecting such resources
Mauritius Business Growth Scheme (MBGS) Ministry of Business, Enterprise, Cooperatives
Consumer Protection.
Funding from World Bankc
Rs 50 M for the 50% grant scheme.
No limit for the 90:10 scheme
USD 100,000
Cost sharing grants on a 50:50 for companies with turnover below
Rs 50 M
90:10 - 90% loan interest-free. Re-payment after a grace period of
3 years
Support enterprise productivity and competitiveness, especially in areas of skills and training, technology upgrading, standards and marketing constraints.
Increasing access to finance to credit constrained SMEs
Participation in International Fairs SME Refund Scheme
50 m
  The grant covers the costs of stand, air ticket and accommodation. Total of Rs 200,000 per year - can be used to participate in any number of fairs



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